Managing Everyday Aches & Pains

Seven Cannabis products to consider before you reach for over the counter pain medications


More and more people are turning to cannabis for relief from their every day aches and pains. Many products available in a drug store are derived from plants, so the use of cannabis is nothing new. Just a new tool in the arsenal to help with those aches and pains that can range anywhere from annoying to debilitating. 



Fairwinds Flow Cream

With Fairwinds’ unique canna vera full plant extract, Flow Cream provides benefits from every part of the cannabis plant. The combination of canna vera, hyaluronic acid, and a unique blend of herbs and oil provide strong, fast acting relief.


Ceres Dragon Balm Roll-On

The invigorating balm from Ceres is great for massaging deep for relief after a long day of work, or for before or after going to the gym. An equal ratio of CBD to THC means it’s strong enough to help with joint, muscle, or nerve pain.


Green Revolution Solace Lotion

With a 100:1 ratio of CBD to THC this soothing lotion is great for inflammation. Also effective for rashes or arthritis, this blend of soothing Aloe, coconut oil, beeswax and more was designed to be a deep-penetrating topical.



Mr. Moxey’s Mints

Mr. Moxey’s Mints come in a wide variety of strengths and flavors. This portable, discrete product is the perfect thing to keep with you in your purse or in your desk drawer. From very high CBD to all THC there is definitely an option that can help keep aches and pains at bay.


Fairwinds Ratio Tincture

The Fairwinds line of Ratio tinctures are a great way to control your dose. Allowing for ease whether you take a few drops in the morning or a full dropper before bed. These fast acting, long lasting tinctures have the benefits of edible products combined with many options for potency. We’ve had many guests attest to it’s efficacy in relieving inflammation-related pain.

Smoke and Vape


Plantworks Lemon Stash

This near 1:1 ratio flower is the perfect thing to help release tension and unwind at the end of the day. Often at the end of the day our bodies can be sore and tight from the day’s activity. The fast acting relief of a smokable product for many is the perfect way to signal the end of their day and ease into a relaxing evening.


Raven Grass ACDC

This high CBD, low THC vaporizer is the perfect product to use day or night. Non- intoxicating, fast acting and a powerful anti-inflammatory a great way to start the day free of aches and pains for those that have a hard time getting out of bed in the morning. Also an excellent way to end a long hike or other strenuous activities. This strain has shown great results among those seeking to reduce inflammation.

By Matt Kovarsky