CBD: Hemp-Derived Versus Cannabis-Derived

Hemp-derived CBD products from grocery stores and online retailers aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.


As a medical cannabis consultant, I have worked with hundreds of patients and have helped them with chronic pain reduction, easing anxiety, and many other ailments. Several patients have come to The Novel Tree Medical seeking pure CBD products with no THC, either referred by a friend or recommended from articles found online. These products are derived from hemp, having less than .3% THC and can be purchased through vitamin stores, online retailers, and drugstores.

Key Differences

Hemp and Cannabis are two different plants in the same family, distinguished by the total amount of THC. While hemp contains less than .3% THC, cannabis can produce around 25% THC. I tend to consider hemp as more of an agricultural product that is great for making clothing, paper, and hempcrete. You can even use hempseed oil and hemp hearts for cooking for omega 3 fatty acids. While the hemp plant does produce CBD and may help to ease anxiety and minor cases of inflammation, it does not produce enough THC to target neuropathic related pain and cannot change the way we perceive pain. There are therapeutic benefits from THC that cannabis derived products can deliver that the hemp oil simply cannot address. 

The Takeaway

While I am a loyal advocate for cannabis-derived products, I have seen just about a handful of people who have had success with hemp oils. On the other hand, most patients that I have seen who have tried these products from drugstores or online retailers have all responded with negative feedback, and explained how it didn’t provide relief at all. After using a product derived from cannabis with more THC than .3%, we’re seeing this to be more effective for ailments such as pain relief and anxiety disorders. 

If you have used a hemp product and have found little to no relief, we encourage you to visit The Novel Tree Medical and meet with a certified medical cannabis consultant for more information on how to use cannabis for alternative relief. 

by Keiana Stiell