Producer Profile: Heylo Cannabis Company

Our consultant Matt Kovarsky profiles Heylo Cannabis Company, who specialize in pesticide-free vape cartridges and topicals.

“We are Heylo because we respect cannabis and wish to deliver an experience that is lush, honest and pure.” -Laurel “Lo” Friesen, Founder, Heylo Cannabis Co.

Heylo has been a producer that we’ve been excited to work with since opening Novel Tree Medical. They share a similar mentality on clean cannabis, and full plant products. They’re not necessarily focused on getting the highest potency THC, but doing everything they can to capture the true essence of a cannabis strain. 

Heylo believes in sourcing the highest quality material to turn into oil. That means pesticide free, especially when making a cannabis concentrate you want to make sure you’re starting material is as clean as possible. If you are concentrating the THC and CBD levels to 3 to 4 times their original potency, being pesticide-free is all the more important.

Extraction Technique is Key

To achieve the highest quality extractions, you need the highest quality equipment and know how to use it well. Heylo utilizes the Eden Lab Co2 extraction machine considered the best extractors in the industry. Heylo was founded by Laurel Friesen, an environmental chemist with years of experience working in the extraction field in research and development. She brings her expertise to Heylo’s lab and pours her heart into each and every extraction. When you have an expert using the highest quality machine, you are going to get a very high quality product. 

About Heylos Unique RawX Extraction Technique:

“RawX is a scientific process with a bit of art and philosophy. Post-processing is minimized, and in some cases is zero. We realized early in our journey that the less we did to the plant, to really beautiful flower, the better the results." - Laurel Friesen


Heylo lists terpene and cannabinoid profiles on their packaging. A valuable tool for consultants and consumers alike.

Heylo lists terpene and cannabinoid profiles on their packaging. A valuable tool for consultants and consumers alike.

Heylo has always focused on education and information. Providing cannabinoid and terpene profiles on all their products, they also champion the “cannastamp” which is a visual representation of the breakdown of different cannabinoids and terpenes in a product. Based on this information, we are getting more precise indications of what the effects of a particular product will be. We’re able to better find the best product for everyone.

Strains and More

Look for products with unique terpene and cannabinoid profiles from Heylo like the High CBG blend, or their aliens on moonshine which can have upwards of 10% myrcene, the terpene responsible for the couch lock effect, which can help many with sleep. 

We are thankful for companies like Heylo who help us to provide the highest quality Medical Cannabis products.

-Matt Kovarsky