Chronic Pain Relief: What About Cannabis?

Whether it’s pain from an old injury or an issue that’s developed over time, there are different categories of medical cannabis products containing CBD and THC that may help alleviate your symptoms.

Depending on the location and severity of the issue, The Novel Tree Medical has hundreds of products of different strengths and delivery methods. Come in and speak to one of our state-certified medical cannabis consultants to determine which one may best suit your needs.

Topicals for Chronic Pain

Products such as Fairwinds Flow Cream and Ceres Dragon Balm are applied directly to the skin. They contain CBD and THC, which are absorbed by our body’s pain receptors above the affected areas within just a few minutes of application. They are often used by people with rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, joints pain and more. Heylotion by Heylo is another option for those with sensitivity to menthol, scents, or other fragrances.

Edibles and Tinctures for Chronic Pain

If you are experiencing pain from an injury, surgery, or autoimmune disease and topicals aren’t quite strong enough, there are several tinctures and edibles available. Ingestible products may provide full body relief and can have effects between 6-10 hours. There are a variety of CBD to THC ratios in a given product that can be used depending on the severity of your pain. Our consultants can help you determine which ratio is best, with the goal always being to provide relief without intoxication.

FECO and RSO for Chronic Pain

FECO, or Full Extract Cannabis Oils are also available in a variety of ratios and may provide very potent relief. The processes used to extract the oils from the marijuana plant vary from product to product, but all endeavor to take advantage of every organic compound present. Controlling your doses throughout the day is easy with clickable dispensers, and you can easily adjust if you find you need more or less. For new users of medical cannabis, we always advocate to start slow and low. Consistency is key.

Smoking and Vaporizing for Chronic Pain

While ingestion of edibles, tinctures or FECO oils may provide long lasting relief, smoking or vaporizing cannabis may be more effective for immediate relief. Cannabis strains in flower and vape cartridge form are available in more varieties than any of the categories above. Every strain has unique characteristics and the ratio of CBD to THC can very greatly. Strains with small amounts of THC and high levels of CBD may help alleviate inflammation and minor aches and pains. Strains with equal levels of THC and CBD may be more effective for someone dealing with chronic pain. The Novel Tree Medical carries many different strains with varying characteristics. Our consultants are here to assist you in finding the strain most appropriate for your specific needs.

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