The Novel Tree Medical is the only dedicated medical cannabis dispensary in the State of Washington. We exist solely to serve the medical community and the medical needs of Washington residents.

The Novel Tree Medical Experience is Different

Your patients can expect an interactive process at The Novel Tree Medical. You will not provide a “prescription” in any ordinary sense. Neither will we. We provide advice

First-time patients and regulars alike benefit from private consultations with our experienced medical consultants, who educate about medical cannabis and the types of conditions and symptoms that medical cannabis can help relieve. This is a process designed to find the best treatment options for every one of your patients

We Have the Answers You Need

The Novel Tree Medical Interior

We want you to refer with confidence. If you or your staff have any questions about medical cannabis in Washington, please email or call. If we do not have the answer, we will find it.

Site Visits and Phone Conferences for Health Care Providers

Doctors referring patients to The Novel Tree Medical for the first time often benefit from personal visits to our Bellevue pharmacy or from phone conferences with our staff to learn more about us and about what their patients can expect from us.  To schedule a visit or a phone conference, please email or phone our scheduling line: 425-896-8414.

Referral pads for Convenience

The Novel Tree Medical routinely serves patients referred from health-care providers in the Seattle area and beyond.  We find it very convenient to use referral forms that you can download here, or have your staff request a referral pad via email or a quick phone call to our reception desk: 425-896-8414.

Laws and Regulations

We include links at the bottom of this page to Washington laws and regulations that govern medical cannabis, but meanwhile the following FAQs summarize many of the most common questions.  


FAQs for Health Care Providers

Is a medical authorization required? No. 

How can I help facilitate a good experience for my patient?  Let your patient know that our consultants will work with them to develop a treatment plan; you will not provide them with a traditional “prescription.”

Refer your patient to this website and to the FAQs page!  

Can a minor use medical cannabis? Yes, a minor with a medical authorization may legally use medical cannabis. Please phone The Novel Tree Medical to learn more, or have your patient’s guardian call to schedule an appointment.

Where Can I Find More Information

Washington’s Department of Health posts useful information and many links here:


And remember: CALL US OR EMAIL WITH ANY QUESTIONS YOU HAVE.  We are here to serve you and your patients.