Our Three-Step Product Quality Program Assures Best-Practice Implementation Among Novel Tree-Approved Processors Who Manufacture the Wide Assortment of Products We Offer.


At the novel tree medical, every product begins with a clean, healthy plant.

The Novel Tree Medical Mandates Strict Compliance with OMRI  

The Novel Tree Medical only affiliates with processors that certify they use only “OMRI-listed” pest controls and fertilizers (or “input materials”) to cultivate the plants that are eventually processed into the Novel Tree Medical’s product offerings. There are no exceptions.

“OMRI” is the national non-profit Organic Materials Review Institute, whose mission is to “support the growth and trust of the global organic community through expert, independent and transparent verification of input materials, and through education and technical assistance.”  

OMRI maintains a list of the pest control and fertilizer products that are deemed suitable for certified organic production, handling, and processing under certain conditions spelled out in OMRI’s guidelines. Click below to learn more.

The Novel Tree Medical does not use the term “organic” or rely on any processor’s statements about being “organic.”  Instead, we demand quite simply that every processor wanting to provide cannabis products through The Novel Tree Medical use only OMRI-listed pest control and/or fertilizer products. Any deviation from that practice results in removal of affected products from The Novel Tree Medical.

The Novel Tree Medical Personally visits all of its processors

We regularly visit our processors: our visits give us the chance to observe processor practices first-hand and discuss anything in the production sequence from cultivation and harvest to processing to packaging and labeling. Our site visits contribute to our confidence in standing 100% behind all of our product offerings.

Recognized Excellence Label

Going the extra mile— This Label identifies select processors who go above-and-beyond

Every Novel Tree Medical processor meets the rigid standards applied through mandatory OMRI compliance and site visits.  That will never change.   

An added benefit of The Novel Tree Medical site visit program is that it helps us identify processors who have instituted advanced and innovative procures that we, in turn, hope to see industry-wide someday. These innovations can and do relate to everything from cultivation and plant health to harvest; to water and air quality standards and methods; to processing techniques and clean practices; and to product tracking and shipping and traceability. We cannot point to a single box on a checklist, nor can we offer a simple definition or point of reference that draws a bright line between the “good” and the “exceptional,” but we know a leader when we see it.

If you see the “Recognition of Excellence” emblem on a product at The Novel Tree Medical, you will know that the product comes from a processor that, in our judgment, has gone above and beyond in its efforts and has, in our opinion, earned distinction as an exceptional industry leader.