Consultant Matt Kovarsky

Matt Kovarsky

Matt Kovarsky is a consultant with The Novel Tree Medical. Since 2011 he has been involved in all aspects of the cannabis industry—from growing medical grade cannabis to consulting patients in need.  Matt has done it and continues to live it every day. He holds a certification from the Department of Health that qualifies him to recommend cannabis products to people with a variety of medically-focused issues and aliments. Having helped over 15,000 customers and patients, Matt is able to successfully guide consumers to the best products available.  Matt spends much of his free time researching the most current cannabis information to stay at the forefront of the constantly progressing cannabis industry. He is excited to be a part of The Novel Tree team as we grow and expand. Matt looks forward to helping and educating as many people as possible.

Fun facts from Matt:

• I’m Dichromatic, meaning I have 2 different colored eyes: one blue and one hazel.

• I grew up working in grocery stores and restaurants so I love to cook.

• I’ve worked in every phase of the cannabis industry from seed to sale: Breeding, cloning, Veg, Flower, Harvest, Trim, Extraction, Edibles, Retail.

• I was a projectionist in college, so I enjoy going to the movies, especially a week day matinee with an almost empty theater.

• I guess I just got married… that’s kind of a big deal. 😊

• I’m a big fan of my wife, she’s great.

Consultant Keiana Stiell

Keiana Stiell

Keiana Stiell is a consultant with The Novel Tree Medical. She joined The Novel Tree in February 2017 when she decided to combine her passion for alternative natural medicine and her love for hospitality.   

Keiana has a passion for helping others as a medical consultant and she takes great pride in getting to know her patients, allowing her to deliver the best recommendations possible. With certification from the Department of Health, Keiana is qualified to recommend cannabis products to people with a variety of medically focused issues and aliments. Keiana relies not only on medicinal research  but also on the feedback of patients to ensure that all of her recommendations are carefully selected. She is excited to continue growing and helping patients as part of The Novel Tree team. 

Fun facts from Keiana:

• I enjoy cooking, baking, and trying new recipes. 

• I love long adventurous walks with my dog.  

• I’m interested in coloring and photography. 


Sandra Stroud

Sandra Stroud is a consultant at The Novel Tree Medical. Sandra comes to The Novel Tree Medical after several years in the medical field, with an extensive background as certified medical assistant. Most recently, she spent five years working with Alzheimer’s and dementia patients in an assisted care facility. Sandra is deeply in touch with her desire to help heal others with compassion and empathy. She’s currently studying aspects of the endocannabinoid system, with an emphasis on cannabis for medical use. In her time away from The Novel Tree Medical, she is a practicing spiritual intuitive.

Fun facts from Sandra:

• I love all things metaphysical!

• I’m a mother of 3.

• I love dancing and hiking.


Kate Muething

Kate Muething is a receptionist at The Novel Tree Medical. Kate moved to Washington state in 2014 with the intent to find a place in the medical cannabis industry. Always passionate about helping others, Kate has volunteered in the community while in school, and has a professional background in healthcare administration from 2009-2015. She’s excited to bring her experience and passion for providing quality service and helping others to The Novel Tree Medical. Kate believes in treating others the way they want to be treated, “everyone will experience hardships throughout life; it is only right to speak with compassion and act with understanding”. Newly certified with the Department of Health, she looks forward to expanding her knowledge on medicinal cannabis.

Fun facts from Kate:

• My personal passion is music. I play guitar and sing in my down time.

• I’m getting married in July, has been a joyous challenge!

• My fiancé and I have 12 animals between the two of us, mostly chickens

Consultant Maddi Turner

Maddi Turner

Maddi Turner has been helping guests and patients since February 2017 as a consultant with The Novel Tree Medical. Maddi has a passion for cannabis rooted in her own personal background:  She received her first medical authorization card in 2012, enabling her to live a fuller life less inhibited by her medical conditions. Maddi has not only personally experienced the benefits of medicinal cannabis but has also witnessed the tremendous positive impacts on her family. Maddi’s first-hand experiences help her empathize with patients and guests. 

Maddi holds consultant certification from the Washington State Department of Health, which qualifies her to recommend cannabis products to people with a variety of medical issues and aliments. Maddi specializes in working with guests who are looking for aid with depression and anxiety. Maddi also feels especially confident working with guests who are experiencing digestive issues. She has not only found digestive relief with cannabis herself but has also seen her patients benefit from her medical cannabis recommendations. She is grateful to have the opportunity to continue making cannabis more approachable and less intimidating for those in need. 

Fun facts from Maddi:

• I like to draw and hoop dance. (Cannabis has played a big part in helping me be less self-critical of my art).

• I love going to concerts and music/arts festivals.

• I'm unusually talented at spotting dogs before others.

Allie McAboy CEO

Allie McAboy

Alexandra McAboy is CEO and co-founder of The Novel Tree and The Novel Tree Medical in Bellevue, Washington. Since opening The Novel Tree in November 2014, she has been a thought leader in the cannabis industry. The Novel Tree Medical opened in April 2017 and is the first and only dedicated medical cannabis dispensary in Washington’s “I-502 system,” leading the way in education, medical cannabis quality assurance, and patient services. Alexandra’s cannabis stores have won multiple awards and she herself has been listed among the Top Most Important Women in Cannabis 2016 and 2017 as well as one of Top 20 Most Talented People in Seattle by Seattle Magazine.