"Come and talk to the staff, they will lay it out for you, tell you your choices. If you haven't researched before, just ask them."


"Wherever I'd go I'd have to plan my day around my pills. I started reading on Medical Cannabis, started using it, came here to The Novel Tree Medical...It's just been unbelievable. If you have pain issues, mood issues, stomach issues or if you can't sleep they know what's going on and can get you the stuff that you need."

Remy & Dominique

"They are very helpful here, you can tell them your problems and they'll guide you to the cannabis that's good for you, it's been a great experience... I never thought this was possible, but it's been a miracle."

"A light at the end of the tunnel."

Allie McAboy CEO

"We've been able to help so many people get their lives back-to enjoy time with family and friends in less pain or even pain-free."

- Allie McAboy, The Novel Tree Medical